About our Counseling Services


In light of COVID-19, Wellspring Counseling is responding to ensure the safety, and continuity of service for clients and providers. 

Current clients are asked to review and attest telephonically to the following consent document at the initiation of their initial telephonic session.


Wellspring is committed to an exceptional standard of service to anyone who is seeking relief from troubling emotions and wants to improve their emotional well-being. We make you and your family's mental health our highest priority.

In Support of Your Well-Being

Wellspring Counseling clients have access to caring counselors in Downtown Seattle, Rainier Avenue South Seattle, and Redmond.

We offer daytime and evening appointments when available and our services are covered by Premera, Regence, Aetna, First Choice, Kaiser, LifeSynch, Lifewise, Bridgespan, and other insurances. 

Counseling team members represent a range of clinical backgrounds and areas of expertise, with a collective focus on three core areas of service:

Emotional Well-being

Work-Life Balance

  • Cultural Understanding & Adjustment
  • Communication
  • Workplace Stress Management
  • Conflict Resolution
  • Workplace Relationships

Family & Child Relationships

When you face challenges in any of these areas, you are prevented from reaching your full potential – as individuals, as family members, and as employees. As a Wellspring client, you will receive a clear assessment of your concerns followed by an individualized plan to ensure a positive outcome. 

To get started, call us at 206-524-9055 to make an appointment or ask a question. Whoever you are, whatever the challenge, we're here to help.