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Bringing Baby Home (BBH)

After the birth of your child, your relationship may experience some dramatic changes and restructuring. In fact many couples report that the first year after their baby is born is often the most difficult for their relationship with each other. Just as you prepare the nursery, you also need to prepare yourself and your relationship for the emotional challenges coming ahead.

Couples who have taken the BBH workshop show significant lower rates of postpartum depression and much higher levels of relationship satisfaction.

This two-day workshop for expectant couples and new parents with infants will help you:

  • Stay emotionally connected with your partner.
  • Ensure that both partners stay involved in parenting.
  • Better understand you baby's needs.
  • Interact positively with your baby.
  • Create a caring and nurturing home.


What to Expect

Once you are registered you will receive a call from the workshop leader a few days prior to the workshop to welcome you and to answer your questions. You will then meet for two Saturdays with a maximum group of 10 couples. Your facilitator will lead you through a series of short lectures, video segments, communication exercises and group discussion related to the adjustment to a new baby.

Throughout the day, you will meet with your partner one-on-one to discuss how you will integrate the material into your relationship.

Although Bringing Baby Home will teach you how to connect better emotionally with your baby, this is not an infant care class and doesn't cover the specifics of basic baby care