For Mothers - Classes & Workshops

Through special workshops, Wellspring gives mothers the support you need to enhance your relationship with your child.

Listening Mothers

Bring your baby to this eight-week group and nurture one of the most important relationships you will ever have.

You will:

  • Tune into and respond to your baby's needs to foster positive emotional development.
  • Make a healthy transition to motherhood and develop your identity as a mother.
  • Reflect on who you want to be as a parent.
  • Look into how you were parented and how it impacts your parenting.
  • Learn how bonding happens between mom and baby.
  • Learn by sharing with other new mothers and gain social support.

(Note: This workshop is not currently offered.)

What to Expect

You will meet for 11/2 hours for 8 weeks with a small group (7 maximum) of new moms. Your group leader will lead you through check-ins, information and discussion. Our group leaders are Master's level therapists who have had extensive training in early child development.

Listening Mothers FAQ