Redmond Branch

16150 NE 85th Street, #222
Redmond, WA 98052

The Redmond Branch of Wellspring Counseling provides psychotherapy to individuals, couples, children, adolescents and families. We have been a vital part of the Redmond community for over 20 years and have a staff of knowledgeable and committed therapists with specific skill sets.

All of our therapists see individual adults, but many also specialize in child, adolescent or couples work. We provide assessment, short-term and long-term psychotherapy. We believe that effective psychotherapy relies on the unique relationship between therapist and client, and on the understanding and resolution of patterns of behavior and emotional responses that have outlived their usefulness. Within this framework, we draw on other perspectives appropriate to the treatment needs of the individual client. As a cohesive group practice, we are able to meet both the needs of the individual and the entire family with seamless and integrated services.

There are many reasons for choosing to seek psychotherapy. We make a point of honoring individual uniqueness and address the needs of the whole person, not just your environment or functioning. To this end, we focus on promoting creativity, vitality and personal growth as we work together to resolve the issues that led you to seek our services.

Individual Psychotherapy: The circumstances that lead you to seek individual therapy may arise from an immediate circumstance or from a difficulty that occurred at an earlier point in your life. Regardless of its beginnings, this circumstance is now interfering with your capacity to lead a fulfilling life. The difficulty may manifest as anxiety, depression, stress responses, or attention difficulties. You may experience difficulties in communication or in your relationships with others. Individual work focuses both on symptom relief and understanding the cause of the distress.

People in demanding professional environments: We have extensive and unique experience working with individuals in high stress professional environments. Issues related to work/life balance can be significant, and feelings of isolation or social anxiety, difficulty with communication skills, procrastination, and excessive online activity may be frequent ways of coping. We are skilled in addressing all of these issues. We also work with international clients who may be experiencing social isolation, family separation, family conflict and issues of acculturation.

Families and children in the information age: Child therapists experience, notice and work with the inner world of the child. Children perceive and experience tremendous pressure to perform and excel in school and activities. This tension can create a rift in the parent child relationship and separate the child from the imaginative and creative parts of themselves which are inherent to how they understand their world. Additionally, the pressures of modern family life often leave parents feeling anxious, guilty and ineffective in relation to their children. Because parents are an essential partner in child therapy work, there is ongoing individual and family support as the child’s issues are resolved.

Marriage, communication and intimacy: Marital life can be heavily impacted by the demands of today’s world. The mediated environment of couples therapy provides the opportunity to focus on the attachment needs of each partner so that a new sense of intimacy is developed. The therapist assists couples in understanding the emotional basis of conflict and the patterns of expression that impact the relationship. Working together, exploration of the ways each partner is trying to connect provides the clarity which makes renewed attachment possible. At times, couples may need to grieve injuries and losses in the relationship, and the therapist may additionally focus on issues such as the impact of demanding careers, difficulties in blended families, and the impact of extended family. There may also be times when the relationship is ending or in transition, and couples work can provide a neutral space for decision making.

Please call us at 206.524.9055 if you have questions or are interested in meeting with a therapist.