Kristen Moss

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Rainier Avenue South Seattle
Practice Focus: 
Identity and Self-Growth
Depression and Anxiety
Relationships and Communication
Grief and Loss
Discernment and Transition
Spirituality and Religion

As humans our paths can be complicated, confounding and also life-giving with twists and turns of pain, growth and healing. I view each of us doing the best we can to meet our needs, experience love, and live a life with as much peace, joy, and contentment as possible.  Living our lives and trying to make sense of things as we go can involve a lot of resilience and reaching out for accompaniment on the journey can take a lot of courage.

As a therapist I value accompanying your “self” and all in you that wants to experience expression, exploration, healing and ongoing growth in ways that most honor your values, history, social location and identity, and interpersonal and or intrapersonal goals for therapy. Drawing from a psychodynamic lens, influenced by Internal Family Systems and Focusing-Oriented Therapy, therapy can provide a space to experience acceptance and safety for all of the may parts that each of us has including the ones that give life and the ones that may carry pain and challenges.

I welcome you to explore our counseling services and what may be a fit for you. If I have the privilege of working with you, the counseling will be adapted in a way that best serves you and your goals including and not limited to: identity; self-esteem; interpersonal relationships and attachment; communication and any complexities that can naturally arise when two humans try to be understood and understand one another; past hurt, wounds and scars; experiences of grief and loss that invariably cross our path; decisions related to life including employment, education and relationships; and themes about meaning, spirituality and religion.

I work with adult individuals of all backgrounds. Please call 206.524.9055 if you would have questions or would like to make a first appointment.