Marissa Mseitif

Wellspring Counseling Therapist
Rainier Avenue South Seattle
Practice Focus: 
Anxiety/Panic Attacks
Depression/Mood Disorder
Identity issues/development
Spirituality and Religion
Sexuality and LGBTQ+
Borderline Personality
Work/career concerns
Chronic/medical Illness

Therapy can be one of those things in life that holds the potential for a lot of expectations, hope, fear, and relief to name a few. It is quite understandable to be uncertain about what meaning therapy may bring to your life and you may not yet know how sharing about feelings, events, and people in your life could help you.

I believe each human uniquely relates to this world through a lens strongly influenced by personal relationships. The kind of connection you have with yourself, I would argue, is the most important. Therapy is a way to begin to deepen and strengthen that relationship. I strongly value authenticity and find incorporating humor and creativity in the therapeutic process useful in establishing trust on which the foundation of therapy lies. As a therapist, my role is to offer space for safety, healing, and growth.

Human insight can be a scary and beautiful thing to unfold and integrate in collaboration with a therapist. I aspire to help you navigate your present perceptions as they relate to life’s trials and tribulations.  Therapy can be a place where you begin to assimilate past negative experiences with new patterns of thought to aid in increasing your own self-compassion, clarity, and capacity for change. I seek to understand with patience and flexibility and am curious to learn about what’s important in your life.

If you are interested in working with me, please call the intake line at 206.524.9055.