Martha MacKenzie

Practice Focus: 
Dreamwork and Creativity
Interpersonal Relationships
Play Therapy
Grief and Loss
Work Stress
Life Transitions
Medical Issues

Each of us longs for a sense of home, to know our unique place in the world. Whether it is the consistent experience of knowing the depths of your own being, a sense of being attuned to and seen by your partner, or the experience of belonging in family and community, this longing for home guides many of our emotional needs.

As we make our way through life, our knowledge of where we belong can become compromised by injury and loss. We lose connection to the dreams and images that give us access to the guiding patterns of our lives, to our own deeper knowing of who we are, and how we relate to others. This loss of connection to self may manifest as anxiety or depression or many other discomforts, and it distorts the daily experience of our lives. I believe that psychotherapy is a journey in the service of our renewed experience of belonging and re-visions our place in the world, allowing each of us to live more fully.

Children can also experience these losses. Because they are still so connected to family and to the world around them, children often experience more acute distress when there is a disruption to their world. Through play therapy, children have the unique experience of being able to set their world right again, to resolve conflicts, and reclaim that which feels broken. Parents play a vital role in resolving this discomfort as we work together to heal your child’s distress.

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