Timothy G. Kneedler

Downtown Seattle
Practice Focus: 
Dream Work
Identity Development & Growth
Meaning & Existence
Family Dysfunction
Divorce/Separation Issues

This world is complex and your life is challenging. There may be times when you need assistance with emotions, relationships or behaviors that feel beyond your ability to address on your own, such as problems related to anxiety, grief, and trauma. Working with a psychotherapist can help you gain a better understanding of your situation and allow you to find new solutions to your challenges.

My approach to therapy emphasizes an interactive exploration of the meaningful experiences that are key to understanding yourself and the world in which you live. We will work together to identify the circumstances of your life that relate to what troubles you. The development of your sense of self will be explored through your memories and dreams. We will discuss relationships and behaviors that are impacting you while also attending to the thoughts and feelings that arise for you while doing so. Together, we can find a way forward that you can trust.

I have been practicing psychotherapy since 1998 and have been licensed in Washington State since 2001. Adults, 18 and over, are invited to call (206) 524-9055 to inquire about possible times for a first session.