Clomid as a drug of testosterone recovery

Almost all athletes involved in power sports resort to the use of steroids. However, rapid muscle gain has its consequences and payment in the form of decreased testosterone production. To restore the body, particularly hormonal background, they have to rely on comprehensive actions. The quickest way to restore testosterone is to take antiestrogens, one of which is Clomid.

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Mechanism of Clomid action 

Clomid is a synthesized product, which was first discovered in 1960. It was quickly approved and put on sale. The immediate purpose of Clomid is the treatment of infertility in women by stimulating the ovulation process and therapy of oligospermia in men.

This drug is especially popular among athletes, involved in power sports, bodybuilding and powerlifting, as it is considered the most effective and, no less important, safe drugs for the restoration of testosterone after the course of steroids and anabolics.

Testosterone recovery is achieved due to the fact that Clomid affects the process of production of LH and FSH. These substances start to rapidly increase their concentration, which leads to an increase in testosterone indicators.

This effect is achieved due to the fact that LH (luteinizing) and FSH (follicle-stimulating) hormones have an effect on the testicles, activating the production of sperm and male hormone in adequate amount.

The level of hormone, including testosterone, will increase rapidly after the end of the course of Clomid. The content of substances will return to normal, reaching the indicators that the patient had before the use of anabolic steroids.

Application features

The drug dosage is selected individually for every athlete depending on the duration of treatment and the number of steroids taken. Specialists recommend using the following dosage regimens:

  1. Very strong course of steroids: 12 days- 100 mg, 15 days- 50 mg and the following 15 days- 25 mg.
  2. Strong course: 15 days- 100 mg, 15 days- 25 mg.
  3. Moderate course: 1 month- 50 mg and 15 days- 25 mg.
  4. Light course: 15 days- 50 mg, 15 days- 25 mg, 15 days- 25 mg (in the last two weeks, the drug must be taken once in two days).
  5. Very light course: 15 days- 50 mg, 15 days- 25 mg.

As confirmed by the reviews of athletes, it is strictly forbidden to exceed the indicated dosage. To achieve and maintain a good result, you must not interrupt the therapy with Clomid, even if you notice a positive effect after half course.

Pills of Clomid should be taken only after the main meal with plenty of water.

Possible side effects

Clomid has minimal toxicity. It is well tolerated by the body; therefore, the risk of side effects is minimum but still not excluded. There is a risk of prolonged headache, sickness, pain in the abdomen, insomnia, and vomiting (rarely).

The development of allergic manifestations on the skin is not excluded. As a rule, negative reactions disappear on their own a few days after discontinuation of Clomid. Treatment of side effects is not required.

The advantage of using Clomid is that it not only helps to recover the testosterone level quite quickly but also to maintain it at the same level. Moreover, it is characterized by a minimal risk of side effects and a lack of toxic effects on the body.

Both experienced athletes and coaches recommend buy Clomid to restore testosterone concentration.