Composition of Propecia

Propecia includes Finasteride – an inhibitory substance whose functions include a decrease in the concentration of dihydrotestosterone in the human circulatory system. In addition, the component has an active effect on the condition of the prostate, reducing its swelling during the complex treatment of adenoma.

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Propecia- what is it?

Propecia is a drug created for hair growth restoration. It is designed for men suffering from androgenic alopecia. This disease, caused by hormonal imbalance and characterized by rapid hair loss and formation of bald patches, can develop at any age.

Propecia has a stimulating effect. The drug contains medicinal substances that affect hormonal status. Before starting to use it, men should undergo a medical examination by a trichologist.

Propecia causes acute side effects, which is why it has a number of contraindications for health reasons. One package contains 30 pills, each of which includes 1 mg of the active substance.

Indications for use and dosage

Indications for the use of Propecia:

  • androgenic alopecia;
  • hereditary-pattern baldness.

The treatment of alopecia with this drug is recommended if the pathology was caused by serious changes in the hormonal background or genetic factors. However, if the hair loss was provoked by mechanical skin damage, unhealthy lifestyle, or bad habits, the intake of hormonal medication is contraindicated.

Propecia should be taken in the dose of one pill a day for three months. The maximum duration of treatment is one year. It is recommended to use the drug at the same time of the day. The duration of therapy is determined individually.

Action and effect of Propecia

Action and effect of Propecia are manifested in the form of a decrease in the loss of follicles responsible for hair growth. Mechanism of action of the drug lies in complete suppression of the enzyme, responsible for the conversion of testosterone into dihydrotestosterone.

The first result can be observed in two to three months: hair loss in men slows down.


Contraindications for Propecia:

  1. minor age;
  2. infectious diseases of the urinary system;
  3. kidney and liver dysfunction;
  4. use of similar medications;
  5. acute allergic reactions to Finasteride.

In the case of inflammatory diseases, you should consult the doctor before starting the treatment. It is necessary to see a specialist during the entire treatment to monitor changes in the state of all life processes.

Advantages of the drug

Advantages of Propecia:

  • high efficiency in case of severe forms of baldness;
  • the long-lasting effect of the course treatment;
  • lack of discomfort during the treatment;
  • low risk of adverse reactions;
  • absence of a negative impact on the cardiovascular and digestive system;
  • compatibility with many drugs;
  • possibility of intake by elderly persons.

Propecia is one of the best drugs for fighting androgenic alopecia. Due to the inhibition of 5 alpha-reductase type 2, this drug reduces the intensity of hair loss, providing the effect faster than many of its analogs.

Overdose of Propecia

The overdose of Propecia is not safe for your health. It can cause acute side effects. You can’t take more than one pill of the drug per day.

If any signs of overdose occur, it is recommended to get your stomach pumped and stop the treatment until the body is fully recovered.

Interaction with other drugs

The drug interacts with other medications and active additives. Propecia doesn’t affect the action of selective inhibitors and synthetic and natural components. Moreover, it doesn’t reduce the effect of chronic disease treatment.

Clinical trials have shown that the drug can be combined with any groups of medications, apart from the drugs containing similar substances.

Adverse effects of Propecia

Side effects from the use of Propecia are possible in case of individual intolerance to the active substance, non-compliance with the recommendations for use, as well as the use of the excessive amount of active substances.

The drug can cause the following reactions:

  • long-term decrease of libido;
  • absence of erection and other symptoms of impotence;
  • premature ejaculation;
  • sings of erectile dysfunction;
  • reduced sperm production;
  • deterioration in the quality of seminal fluid.

The side effects stop after the end of treatment and don’t cause complications later.

Apart from sexual dysfunction during the treatment with Propecia, men can suffer from psycho-emotional disorders: irritability, nervous excitability, bad mood, depression, frustrations, and a sense of despondency.

Compatibility with alcohol and fatty foods

Propecia is incompatible with alcohol. Ethanol negatively affects the action of the drug inhibitor of Finasteride, suppressing its action. It also enhances the plasma concentration, which can provoke the manifestation of adverse reactions.

It is recommended to exclude alcohol during the treatment with Propecia. The drug can be combined with fried and spicy food. The fat content of the products doesn’t influence the drug effect.

Terms and conditions of storage

The manufacturer establishes the terms and conditions of Propecia storage. The drug can be stored for 36 months from the date of manufacture (the date is indicated on the package). It is recommended to keep it in a hermetically sealed blister and in the dark place at a temperature of +15-25 degrees.

Make sure that the room is ventilated. The intake of the drug after the expiration date is bad for your health. The shelf life can be reduced if the medicine is stored improperly. Don’t give Propecia to small children and animals. Read the instruction before treatment.