Management Services

Our mission is to partner with organizations by providing meaningful solutions to work and life challenges that optimize well-being and productivity.

Leadership Training

We have been listening to our clients talk about the challenges of leading people for more than 30 years.  We have taken what we’ve learned and put it into a series of six classes.  During each class, participants will assess their personal skills, learn leadership theory, participate in small and whole group discussions, practice skills and develop personal improvement plans.

Group Facilitation

Work groups that are in conflict or experiencing serious communication problems, often provide a difficult challenge to an organization. Our facilitators will provide a neutral assessment through climate surveys, interviews with staff and management, and design an intervention to improve the working relationships of these factions.

Grief and Trauma Support

An unexpected death of a co-worker, the death of or injury to an employee’s child, a terminal illness, etc. can produce a high level of immediate reaction that affect the coping skills of the work team. We can provide on-site group support to help employees work through these issues.

Managing Effective Change

Perhaps an organization’s greatest challenge is to be proactive rather than reactive to ongoing change. We have training and facilitation to assist you with mergers, downsizing or major organizational transformations. Navigating through these transitions without expert planning can really undermine morale and productivity.

Executive Leadership and Coaching

Valued leaders often need some outside guidance to clarify their vision and contribution to the organization. We can provide 1:1 executive coaching with seasoned professionals for leaders that could benefit from this type of service.

Job Performance and the Last Chance Agreement Support

A recent study illustrated that two out of every three unscheduled absences are not due to physical illness... and absenteeism leads to lost productivity.  This is so because most of these unscheduled absences are due to family issues, personal need, lack of resources, etc.  We provide comprehensive case management support including assessment, treatment planning, referral recommendations, return to work evaluations and compliance monitoring.