1892 Legacy Circle

Wellspring Family Services was founded in 1892, just 30 years after the City of Seattle was officially formed. This 120+ year legacy is a testament to the unwavering past, present, and future support of the community. 

What is the 1892 Legacy Circle?

The 1892 Legacy Circle recognizes those who have made a bequest or other planned gift to Wellspring. We hope their forethought and commitment to Wellspring inspires others to dream and plan for their own local legacy.

What are the Benefits of being an 1892 Legacy Circle member?

1892 Legacy Circle members are recognized in Wellspring's annual reports and on our website unless anonymity is requested. 

Estate Planning Professional Support

Need help getting started or have questions about how to add Wellspring Family Services to your existing will, here are three expert planners who can help you.

Stephen M. Waltar, PS
Legacy Estate Planning, LLC
1750 1122th Ave NE, Suite C245
Bellevue, WA 98004

Mike Whitmore, Financial Planner
Absolute Return Solutions
18300 Redmond Way, Suite 100
Redmond, WA 98052

The Rainier Group, Inc. / Robert Gruber, CEO
501 108th Ave NE, Suite 2000
Bellevue, WA 98004

1892 Legacy Circle Members

We honor the following individuals for making a lasting contribution to our community with a planned gift to Wellspring.

Anonymous (3)
Chris Alston
Vicki & Judy Burr-Chellin
Kristen Curley
Judith Cushman
Thomas Dannenfelser*
Pat Detmer & Fred Canada
Ruthann Howell & Tom Quackenbush
Charlotte Matsen*
Sherry & Bob Nebel
Laurie Nichols & Robert Williams
David Osmer & Sandy Griffin
Jan Patrick*
Patricia L. Scanlon*
Cam D. Wong*
Russ Young


Please let us know if you have already made a planned gift to Wellspring so we can recognize you in our 1892 Legacy Circle!

To discuss making a legacy gift to Wellspring, please email Asa Tate, Chief Development Officer, or call 206.902.4231.