Getting Started with your KHK Jar

By participating in KHK, your children can help ensure that their homeless peers have everything they need.

Below are some age-appropriate fundraising ideas to help you earn financial donations to fill your jar!

Ages 0-5

  • Host a lemonade, tea, or hot chocolate stand
  • Do extra household chores
  • Donate birthday presents and funds
  • Create & decorate birdhouses for neighbors

Ages 6-9

  • Wash neighbors' cars
  • Do chores for neighbors
  • Collect and recycle cans
  • Draw portraits, sketches, and landscapes (like Maddy!)
  • Design jewelry: rings, bracelets, necklaces, key chains
  • Host a dance/hula hoop/jump rope-athon

Ages 10-12

  • Plant flowers, weed, or rake leaves
  • Bake & decorate spring-themed cookies and cupcakes
  • Take care of a neighbor’s cat or dog
  • Tutor younger students

*For details and additional ideas, check out, a local supporter of Wellspring Family Services