Seattle Hospitality Emergency Fund

Program Update 5/14/2020:

We’ve been sequencing and fulfilling requests based on a combination of greatest need and timing of submission. At this time, requests for assistance have outpaced donated funds. This means, of course, that we are limited in our ability to help until more funds are raised. Please know:

  • We intend and hope to raise more funds
  • Your place in line will be preserved and honored
  • We will be in touch with you if and as we are able to assist financially

We realize this news will be disappointing, but we would rather be transparent with you and not string you along in any way. We are working on raising more money because we truly care, and we want to be able to help more people. We will contact you when and as funding becomes available. In addition, the following sites would be worthy of visiting for resources:



Seattle Hospitality Emergency Fund Response Team
Wellspring Family Services


About this Program

Seattle Hospitality Fund and Wellspring Family Services have partnered to help address the economic crisis within the hospitality industry that has developed as a result of the COVID-19 global pandemic.

Wellspring Family Services has created a special project for Seattle Hospitality Fund under their umbrella of regular programming in order to provide direct financial support to hospitality industry workers in the Seattle Metro Area. The special project will help distribute direct support to eligible applicants in some of the following ways:

  • Rent
  • Utilities
  • Gift cards for groceries/gas/home supplies
  • Health Insurance/COBRA payments
  • Medicine

There is room in the criteria to help in other ways on a case-by-case basis in acute instances of crisis. By approaching funding this way, eligible applicants can receive support in a meaningful way while avoiding said funds being taxed as income.

Our aim is to provide help to all who apply, but to prioritize those who are not eligible for unemployment insurance as well as those who are from marginalized, vulnerable groups within our community.


Program Update 5/14/2020:

Applications are currently suspended. Please see the message above for more information. 

Application Follow-up

If your initial application has been approved for processing, and you have received notification of initial approval (by phone, email or text), a Wellspring Family Services representative will contact you, and may ask you to complete the following requirements for Part 2 of the application. 



To donate please follow [this link] to the GoFundMe Fundraiser.