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Rebuilding After a Fire with Help from Wellspring’s Family Store


After an unexpected fire burned down her family’s apartment, Amalia and her three children became homeless.

During this crisis, she was referred to Wellspring’s Family Store to find the essential items she needed to care for the health, safety, and comfort of her three young children until they transitioned into a new apartment. Before she first arrived to shop for her family, Amalia was worried about being able to find all the important items each child needed, including seasonally appropriate clothing, school supplies, and baby items.

Shortly after entering the Family Store, Amalia was surprised by the quality and supply of all the things her children needed – available at no cost to her family. She was able to find a new coat, backpack, and school supplies for her school-aged son, as well as books for his book club, so he could continue to be involved in extracurricular activities. To care for her two toddlers, Amalia found a changing table, car seat, and electrical outlet plugs and safety gates, so she could maintain a safe environment for her children once they found their new home.

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