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A Brighter Future Through Housing Stability


John was a single dad with three young children when he first came to Wellspring.

A single parent with limited income, John and his family were living in their car in an abandoned parking lot. John was concerned for his family’s safety, especially at night. He and his children had gone weeks without proper sleep. With winter approaching, John needed immediate assistance to find safe shelter for his family.

With the help of his Wellspring Housing Stability Specialist (HSS), John and his family moved out of their car and into a safe and warm motel. John and his children were able to develop a stable routine, and sleep through the night without concern for their safety. Once stabilized, John worked with his HSS to search for housing, which was a challenge given John’s sparse rental history and extremely limited income. John’s HSS drafted letters to advocate for John and his family with potential landlords, and also helped him gather the necessary documentation to apply for rentals.

John and his family were accepted into an apartment in a safe neighborhood that met their immediate needs as a family. The children were able to continue at their same elementary school, and John was able to spend less time focused on his family’s emergency needs, and more time searching for higher-wage employment to support their future.

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