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Cindy Taketa


There comes a time in life when we all need to seek healing; whether it is to make sense of our experiences and inner conflicts, to cope with stress and anxiety, or to simply find new ways of approaching life. Together we will build on your strengths as well as knowledge of your own unique sense of creativity to make meaningful changes in your life.

In my practice with adults, I am struck by the many stressors and demands that make it more and more challenging to take care of ourselves and others. The way I approach this with clients is to recruit the healthy and strong parts of the self to support the parts that are being burdened and out of balance. We’ll also work towards unblocking any internalized stressors that are overwhelming and refocus on giving back to the parts of your self-care system that have been diminished. This often leads to growth, a new personal definition of health and a better sense of resilience that you can carry forward with you.

A particular interest of mine is to work with children six and older, adolescents, and their parents. I particularly enjoy helping young people to cope with life in its complex academic, social, technological, and family systems. For young children, age appropriate play therapy is the primary mode of therapeutic interaction. This is the platform children use to explore their issues and self-expression; leading to problem solving, learning, and growth. A crucial part of child work is the collaboration and partnering with parents around parenting issues, child development, and strengthening the important influence you have in the growth of your child’s life.

Let me know how I can help you or your family. Call 206-524-9055 to make an appointment.

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