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Dan Miller

MA, LMHC (he/him)

You might come to therapy because you have concerns about your career, or you are struggling in a relationship. Maybe you are dealing with depression, anxiety, or trying to cope with loss. Perhaps you are interested in exploring your life’s meaning and purpose, or you want to better connect with friends, partners, or loved ones. Or you might simply want another perspective and someone to talk with about a particularly perplexing problem.

Over the past 10 years, I have had the privilege of working with individuals, children, and families in a clinical setting as they heal, grow, and transform. As a therapist, I seek to honor the complexity of human development and to recognize the often overwhelming suffering that arises in our day-to-day lives, while at the same time understanding that we are always more than our suffering.

My theoretical orientation is grounded in depth psychology and integral theory (integrating one’s whole being – body, mind, heart, spirit, and cultural contexts). I see good therapy as a collaborative process. Together we will figure out a plan that works for you, one that helps you to better utilize your strengths and access your own inner wisdom.

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