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Duc Viet Cao

MA, AMFT (he/him)

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Welcome. I want to express gratitude to you for your journey so far in this world. Although our world is vast, each experience and path are unique to each other. Sometimes, the road can be so twisted that it is hard to find hope and motivation to continue. You may feel alone and frightened, but I wish to remind you that there is hope. Our journey in life is not just about hardship; it is also about hope, celebration, love, and our connection with others. Therapy offers a safe space for you to reflect, process, and inspire changes that can be beneficial for your journey.

Unfortunately, therapy is not a miracle cure that will instantly relieve our pain. Rather, therapy is an on-going journey of reflecting and increasing one’s awareness of self and others. I view therapy as a collaborative effort between therapist and client to create a safe space. In this safe space, my job is to help you to reconnect and foster your resiliency through reflective conversation and expressive activities. Therapy can also be a place where we develop plans together to navigate personal struggles and create an alternative path to a more satisfying and meaningful life.

My theoretical orientation is grounded in trauma-informed theory, expressive therapy, strength-based perspective, client-centered approach, and feedback-informed therapy. I have experience working with intergenerational trauma, anxiety, self-esteem, families who are going through difficult adjustments, behavioral management, and LGBTQ+ and BIPOC youth.

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