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Jim Porter

MA, LMHC (he/him)

There is an old expression suggesting that time heals all wounds but, for many of us, that axiom has not always proven true. And in the context of psychotherapy, the definition of healing can be unique for each individual. You get to decide what healing means to you and what kind of help to get there feels right. Discerning what resonates for you and your experience of the world can lead to relief from distress—and even joy.

My approach to therapy is relational with emphasis on creation of a safe setting where you will be heard well enough that you begin to listen to your own voice in a new way. Symptoms of depression and/or anxiety and their close cousins are often borne of difficult experiences. Therapy can be a partnership where you can examine the issues that brought you here in the present as well as contributing past events and ideas—with an eye on what you want your future to look like. During our sessions together, I will listen carefully to your story and may ask clarifying questions or offer observations. My goal is to help you identify what is most important to you, organize and tolerate any feelings that may arise and help you move toward being who you always were—yourself.

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