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Lees Hopkins

MA, LMHCA (they/them)

Lees Headshot

Therapy is your opportunity to learn more about who you are and to receive support in growing into who you want to be. I cherish being able to get to know and collaborate with clients to improve their health and wellness. Recovery from mental health and substance use disorders is unique to each person and includes acceptance and respect for your whole, authentic self in the context of your lived reality. Together, we can explore how you have been impacted by your experiences—including discrimination and oppression, hardships in childhood, traumatic events, and relationship dynamics in your family of origin.

The emotional resonance of our past carries into our present lives, and in therapy we can honor and attend to your past and present emotions to support your growth and healing. We will also tap into your unique strengths, relationships, cultural identities, positive emotions, and values to face the challenges that bring you to counseling. Mindfulness, body-awareness, creative activities, and a connection to nature can also be integrated into our sessions as we work towards your therapy goals.

I graduated from the University of New Orleans, having completed my counseling internship with diverse young adults at a small state university. Prior to beginning my career as a mental health counselor, I was a professional horticulturalist. I also have experience providing support to adults with intellectual disabilities. The theoretical frameworks that guide my counseling approach are Emotion-Focused, Relational-Cultural, Feminist, Dialectical Behavioral, and Eco-Therapies. I work well with those who experience marginalization, including teens and adults who are trans and queer, disabled, neurodivergent, and/or artists, creatives, and non-conformists.

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