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Melanie DenBoer

MA, LMFT, CMHS (she/her)

Entering therapy is a very personal, and often uncomfortable, decision. I applaud this step you are taking in finding the right therapist for you.

My experience working with Adults, Adolescents and Children since 2001 provides me with a unique understanding of the challenges of many phases of life. Working with adults I use this understanding to help us uncover the impact of childhood experiences as well as understanding expectations you may hold for yourself and how these are helpful or harmful for you. When working with children, I find the collaboration with parents critical as we work together to find new ways of understanding and coping for your child.

Working together we would look at what interactions and patterns that influence your decisions and choices; as well as the thoughts and reactions that go along with these. Noticing these patterns can help us to uncover the influences of your history as well as the goals you have for the future. In this process, I pull from my training in Systems Theory, Cognitive Behavioral Therapy and techniques from several other methods of therapy, as appropriate for each client. I also use play therapy techniques with younger children, which is the childs natural path to growth, expression and problem solving.
I have studied and worked with many issues, including relationship and family conflict, grief and loss, depression, anxiety and trauma.

If you are interested in working with me please fill out our confidential application with this link.

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