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Natalie Toida

MA, LMHC (she/her)

Often life throws things at us that we have little control over a pandemic, an abusive childhood, oppression, loss of a loved one, and the like. All of these can cause pain and hardship and left untended, can compound or prolong our suffering and even become debilitating. We can’t avoid pain but luckily we come pre-equipped with the tools we need to live meaningfully in spite of the pain we experience so we can avoid unnecessary suffering. Through the process of therapy, we can reclaim those tools, navigate life’s challenges, and manage our pain so we can be freer to focus on the things that bring us joy and contentment.

I approach therapy from the perspective that your life experiences and what they mean to you influence how you navigate your struggles, your life, your relationships, and the world. Therapy can help you recognize and let go of old habit patterns that have kept you stuck in depression, anxiety, anger, or unsatisfying relationships or have otherwise inhibited your growth. I am committed to practicing with compassion, acceptance, and non-judgment and aim to help you shift from going through life in a habitual way to living in a more intentional way.

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