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Unhoused: A #WellConnected Community Conversation Sept. 14 & Nov. 18


Please join us Thursday, November 18 at noon for part two of Wellspring’s virtual conversation, Unhoused. In this hour, our dynamic group of panelists returns to discuss the effective pathways already in place to disrupt and prevent the cycle of family homelessness.

As the chronic homelessness crisis continues commanding our public attention and concern, we must also shed a light on the increasing numbers of homeless children and families who are struggling to find a way out.

When you hear statistics about homelessness, children and families get undercounted — tremendously undercounted. Their stories go unheard. They are not visible because they are couch surfing from one place to another—seeking shelter where possible to protect their children. For so many families in our community the reality of homelessness is only days away. Many have jobs, but their income is so minimal they face daily decisions between securing food and other essentials and keeping a roof over their heads.

For 129 years Wellspring Family Services has been on the front-line supporting Seattle families in crisis. As part of our mission to “end family homelessness” we are committed to raise awareness and understanding of this hidden crisis and its impact on society. Accordingly, our two-part virtual conversation will focus on these three primary objectives:

  • Educate and create greater community understanding of family homelessness and how it differs from the more visible chronic homelessness.
  • Provide insight into the impacts of family homelessness on children, their families, the community, and society – including awareness of the multigenerational issues that can be impacted by intervention and prevention.
  • Share what is being done to create and effect change. Is it working? And most important, what more can be done?

To help guide these conversations, we have gathered leaders from the areas of research, community service and government. Our panel includes:

Michelle Merriweather, CEO, Urban League of Seattle

Shkëlqim Kelmendi, Executive Director, Housing Connector

Kirsten Harris-Talley, Washington State Representative from the 37th District returns

David Wertheimer, Advocate for People Experiencing Homelessness

Asa Tate, Chief Development Officer, Wellspring Family Services

And, serving as panel moderator: Peter Drury, Wellspring’s Chief Strategy Officer, and Interim Housing Director

Please join us for this two-part community conversation on Tuesday, September 14 and Thursday, November 18 at noon on Zoom. Register for this free event today!

Unhoused is presented as part of #WellConnected, a virtual quarterly community conversation brought to you by Wellspring Family Services. 

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