Baby Boutique

Wellspring Baby Boutique operates as a retail store where parents who are experiencing the effects of homelessness can shop for essential items free of charge. Each year, we serve thousands of children and families by providing basic necessities that all parents and children need to remain safe and healthy, and feel confident and secure.

Parents in homeless families often cannot provide for even the most basic items for their children such as a clean diapers, warm clothes, or car seats. As a result, the health and safety of infants and children are at risk. The Baby Boutique responds to this critical need by providing clothing, shoes, diapers, blankets, underclothes, books, learning toys, car seats, strollers and other essential items for babies and children.

The Baby Boutique is unique in that the experience resembles a retail store where parents can shop for free, rather than simply being given a bag of donated items. This approach creates a more respectful and empowering experience because it allows parents to make selections based on their own preferences and their children’s individual needs.

The Baby Boutique relies on donations of new and gently used items to support several thousand children and families who rely on the store each year. We invite you to learn more in our Get Involved section.