Early Learning Center

In a child's first five years of life, their brain will reach almost full development.  

During this stage, children who are fortunate enough to partake in quality early education are able to build the foundation needed to succeed in kindergarten and beyond. All children deserve this opportunity.

For children who are experiencing the negative effects of trauma and toxic stress stemming from poverty, domestic violence and homelessness, access to high-quality early learning programs is even more important.

Why Invest in Early Learning?

Without early learning support for children who have experienced trauma, it's not just their lives that are affected; it's all of ours.  Research shows that for every dollar invested in high-quality preschool programs, at least $7 is saved in future costs related to social services, remedial education, public safety, and juvenile justice. 

Children who have access to a high-quality early learning program are:

  • More successful in school, and less likely to repeat grades
  • More likely to graduate high school and attend college, and earn more as adults
  • Less likely to suffer poor health, or to need child welfare services
  • Less likely to become teen parents, or to be involved with the criminal justice system

Wellspring's Early Learning Center helps children heal and soar.

Since 1988, our Early Learning Center has provided a safe place for children in crisis to develop the social, emotional, and developmental skills needed to triumph over trauma, and prepare for lifelong learning.  Our program works to provide young learners with the stability they need to "rewire" and repair the negative impacts of trauma on their developing brains, so they can eventually become healthy adults, parents, and community citizens.

More than 94% of children who have attended the ELC over the past 10 years have shown significant improvement in their cognitive, social and emotional development.

Discover how Wellspring's Early Learning Center helps vulnerable children triumph over trauma:

Wellspring Family Services' Early Learning Center