Housing Services

For all members of our community, a safe and stable home is a basic need for individuals, children, and families to reach and live their full potential. Wellspring Housing Services help homeless families and those at risk of eviction to secure or maintain housing. Our team of Housing Specialists works directly with adults and families to meet them where they are in life, and help them take the next step forward. 

We move people quickly out of homelessness into stable housing and promote housing retention, assisting families to locate and maintain housing, providing temporary shelter and limited financial assistance as needed. 

To retain housing, we help clients navigate common questions around debt, budgeting, banking information, and other financial assistance resources for medical bills, child care and critical needs. We provide education about money management, and help families establish good credit and budget for recurrent and unusual expenses.  Our team also provides referrals for support services for issues that can affect housing stability including chemical dependency, mental health, domestic violence, and medical and dental care.

Our Housing Specialists stay connected to the individuals and families we serve, and follow-up with families at intervals to help ensure long-term housing stability.