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We believe in a world where every family is stably housed

At Wellspring, we believe every family—and in particular, every child—deserves a stable home. A place to feel safe and the confidence and sense of security that comes with it.

We’re a nonprofit organization on a mission to end family homelessness for good. We connect people with the resources and support they need to maintain and regain stability for themselves and their families—and to achieve positive, lasting change in their lives.

Smiling Black mom with preschool-aged daughter sitting on lap

Preventing homelessness before it happens—and intervening early when it does

Keeping a family housed is the best way to reduce the lifelong impact of homelessness. It’s also less costly. When homelessness can’t be avoided, we intervene as early as possible.


An innovative model. An ambitious purpose.

Wellspring doesn’t look like the traditional human services agency. Our commitment to prevention demands innovative thinking and a unique combination of services.

Wellspring’s Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Employee Stability Program (ESP) offer support that helps people stay gainfully employed and stably housed. Employers across the Pacific Northwest invest in the well-being of their teams by offering Wellspring EAP as part of their benefits package. Our Housing Services are equally focused on eviction prevention and getting families back into housing as soon as possible. Wellspring’s Early Learning Center and Family Store are all about providing the kind of stability that ensures a child thrives in school and beyond.

Committed to DEIA and Trauma-Informed Care

Wellspring is committed to work that combines two powerful ideas: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Access and Trauma-Informed Care. We are mindful of the impact of trauma upon both individuals and communities, and this awareness shapes how we approach our mission. We aim to break cycles of trauma, inequity, and poverty – and to prioritize healing and hope. We believe in meeting each person where they are, showing respect, honoring dignity, and building on their own unique strengths.

Family homelessness ends here

Our Vision

A community where every child has a safe and stable home.

Our Purpose

To prevent and address homelessness by connecting families and individuals in crisis to the support and resources they need to regain stability.

Our Mission

To end family and employee homelessness.

Leading change, together

Gay parents reading a book with their young daughter in living room of apartment

Wellspring’s leadership team is connected to and by a singular objective: Ending family homelessness for good. Meet the people behind Wellspring’s pioneering approach.

Serving families in crisis since 1892

Our name and programming have evolved over the last century, but the fundamentals have remained steadfast. Since the beginning, Wellspring has been committed to providing individuals in crisis the support they need to overcome their circumstances and build stable lives for themselves and their families.

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