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Unhoused: A #WellConnected Community Conversation Sept. 14 & Nov. 18

As the chronic homelessness crisis continues commanding our public attention and concern, we must also shed light on the unhoused families who are struggling to find a way out. And,…

Seattle Skyline
Homelessness Redefined in Washington State – Why Does it Matter?

A sold-out Seahawks game seats 72,000 people – so 80,000 is a lot of children and youth experiencing homelessness – more than a packed stadium. But do you know the…

Our Neighbors are Relying on Us!

Your collective generosity raised more than $485,000 to help families in our community find hope, discover opportunity, and build resilience – thank you! However, our work is far from finished.…

China and Kingston’s Journey

After moving to Seattle, China found herself living between hotel rooms and her car with her infant son, Kingston. Her commitment to being a mother and wanting something more, motivated…

Mother and child read book outside.
Strategies and Tips for Adjusting After COVID-19 Distancing

Strategy #1: Pay attention to how you feel. As you navigate upcoming changes, tend to your emotional needs. As it’s possible, observe and name your feelings as you experience them.…

Adult man and woman wearing medical face masks bump elbows in greeting.
Early Learning Center Helps Prepare Daniel for Kindergarten

As a young child, Daniel had witnessed multiple episodes of domestic violence – including gun violence – against his mother. Daniel’s grandmother was awarded custody of Daniel, and his younger…

Children clapping and singing in a classroom.
A Brighter Future Through Housing Stability

A single parent with limited income, John and his family were living in their car in an abandoned parking lot. John was concerned for his family’s safety, especially at night.…

Father and child embracing and smiling.
Rebuilding After a Fire with Help from Wellspring’s Family Store

During this crisis, she was referred to Wellspring’s Family Store to find the essential items she needed to care for the health, safety, and comfort of her three young children…

Interior photo of Wellspring's Family Store checkout counter with tubs of toys in front and racks of clothing in the back.
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