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Better outcomes for people, families and communities

Preventing homelessness is the best way to avoid its devastating effects on families. It’s also less costly—both economically and socially. Our unique approach to ending family homelessness, made possible by our donors and social enterprise clients, has a profound impact on individuals, families and communities across the Pacific Northwest. Below are some highlights of what we’ve accomplished so far, together.

Our reach in 2020

Lives covered through EAP
Annual therapy sessions through Counseling
Families served through Housing Services
Shopping trips through Wellspring Family Store
Students served through ELC

Inspiring change in the lives of families

Stats are good, but stories are even better. When families share their gratitude — for housing, for stability, for safety — then we really know our work is making an impact. When a mom can proudly tuck her child into bed, safe and warm, without fearing losing her home, this means everything.

For families. For communities. For tomorrow.

For kids who experience homelessness, the impact is lifelong. They’re more likely to suffer from depression, to attempt suicide, to misuse or abuse substances, and to become pregnant as teenagers. And they’re 10 times as likely to become homeless again as adults, which means their own children may also experience the trauma of insecure housing.

So helping just one family find lasting stability has a profound impact that can be felt at home, at school, at work and across communities—not just now, but for generations to come.

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