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Lees Hopkins

Therapy is your opportunity to learn more about who you are and to receive support in growing into who you want to be. I cherish being able to get to…

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Duc Viet Cao

Welcome. I want to express gratitude to you for your journey so far in this world. Although our world is vast, each experience and path are unique to each other.…

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Miguel Chavez

Welcome! You’ve taken the first step to finding a therapist, and that takes courage. My goal is to create a safe, trusting, and uplifting environment for you to grow, gain…

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Enely Van Ness

A frequent question I ask myself is, “Why am I a therapist?” Many times, I’ll throw my hands up and loudly declare “I don’t know.” If asked by others, I…

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Christopher Skaggs

In 2017, I became a fully licensed Marriage and Family Therapist. I began my career at Seattle Counseling Service (SCS) and moved to Wellspring Family Services in 2022. My expertise…

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Analeigh Smith

My approach to therapy is based on the idea that anyone experiencing mental health challenges is capable of recovery. Recovery can look different for different people, but the basic idea…

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Elliot Thomas

At its most basic, therapy is a space to get help if you feel like something in your life needs to change, but you’re struggling to make that change happen,…

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Sean Kitaoka

My Approach to Treatment: The best predictor of a positive outcome in psychotherapy is a strong therapeutic alliance. As such, my work with clients centers on developing a shared understanding…

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Melanie DenBoer Erika Flesher

My approach to therapy is based in the belief that we have many of the resources we need within ourselves, but that sometimes life experiences can teach us to shut…

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