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After a long history of providing counseling services throughout Greater Seattle as part of our mission to end family homelessness, we are deeply saddened to announce that Wellspring’s Counseling Services program (not Wellspring EAP) will be closing permanently on March 31, 2023.

Regrettably, we are no longer accepting new counseling clients.

Funding for mental health programs has steadily decreased over time. Neither insurance reimbursements nor public funding programs such as Medicaid fully cover all costs of services. This is especially tragic given the current mental health crisis.

It is with great frustration that Wellspring joins the growing list of human service organizations impacted by this unsustainable funding model. As mission-driven, nonprofit organizations, we cannot operate sustainably with losses.

Despite this closure, Wellspring, through its other programs and services, remains steadfast in its commitment to preventing and ending homelessness for families.

We are profoundly grateful to our highly skilled and committed team of therapists who served Wellspring’s clients with compassion for many years. Thank you for the life-changing impact you make in our communities every day.


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