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A Legacy Rooted in Family


What WILL Your Legacy Be?

August is National Make-A-Will Month

Photograph, Sherry Nebel

Sherry Nebel has deep roots with Wellspring Family Services and has chosen to plant seeds for future families in our community by including Wellspring in her estate plans.

A Seattle native, Sherry was drawn to Wellspring’s mission of helping families gain stability. Wellspring’s history in our community, dating back to 1892, and how the agency evolved to best meet the changing needs of families, convinced her the mission is meaningful, proven, and relevant.

“Wellspring is a compassionate safety net for families facing huge challenges without the typical support many of us are so fortunate to have, helping them through overwhelming and daunting times and in finding the stability needed to move forward,” Sherry shared.

Sherry served on Wellspring’s Board of Directors from 1997-2002 and has stayed engaged ever since.

“I’ve been fortunate enough to meet Wellspring clients and see them progress on their journey to stability which helped spark that important conversation each of us should have with our family members: What really matters to me and—once I’m not around—what are my wishes. Some might find that having that conversation is difficult, but it shouldn’t be. Instead, it provides a clear roadmap when ‘that day’ comes.

I chose to include Wellspring in my estate plans because of my personal philosophy to ‘think global, act local.’ Investing in helping families in our community find stability makes so much sense. Healthy families help form a strong foundation for our community. While chronic homelessness garners 99 percent of the headlines, the issue of families facing homelessness doesn’t get the public attention and support it deserves. The challenge will be an ongoing one deserving of our long-term involvement as caring and invested members of the community,” Sherry noted.

Everyone needs a will, whether you’re 18 or 80. Two-thirds of American adults do not have a will and their wishes are not documented. Take 20 minutes to update or write your will today at

Join Sherry and countless others who’ve made their wishes known to their loved ones and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with having your affairs in order.

If you’ve already created your plans and included Wellspring Family Services, take a moment to notify us so we can include you in our esteemed 1892 Legacy Circle . Thank you!

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