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Ending Family Homelessness For Good

Wellspring Family Services exists to end family homelessness by preventing it before it happens and intervening early when it does.

Single father with child riding on shoulders

One in 20 children in Washington state is experiencing homelessness

And the impact is lifelong. Kids who experience homelessness are 10 times as likely to become homeless again as adults, which means their own children may also experience the trauma of insecure housing.

With your help, we can break this cycle.

Family homelessness disproportionately impacts women and children of color

Photo taken over the shoulder of a mother sitting sideways on a couch, kissing her baby on the cheek as they look at the camera.

Often hidden in plain sight, family homelessness looks different from what you expect. Many people associate homelessness with mental health, addiction and chronic unemployment—but family homelessness is a poverty issue driven by historic discrimination. Most of the people we serve are employed, but not earning a livable wage.

We connect people with the resources they need to regain or maintain housing stability, for good.

Keeping families stably housed in 2021

Lives impacted through
all Wellspring programs
Families served through Housing Services
Children received free clothing and hygiene supplies

A different approach.
A better outcome.

Avoiding homelessness altogether is the most effective way to reduce its detrimental impact on families and communities. It’s also more cost-efficient than rehousing families after they become homeless.

Our Employee Assistance Program (EAP) helps people to stay gainfully employed, and thereby stably housed. The earned revenue from our social enterprise model amplifies the impact of every dollar donated, so together we can support more individuals as they strive to achieve lasting stability for themselves and their families.

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