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July 14, 2014

For children and families experiencing crisis, back to school can be a difficult time of the year. In King County alone, more than 700 school-aged kids struggle with homelessness, and getting the support they need to succeed at school. With a large amount of requested school supplies and the desire to start school prepared, students in crisis often struggle to start off the academic year on a positive note.

Especially for families with young elementary-aged children, required supplies for school can cost nearly $100, an amount that often forces families to prioritize their limited funds in favor of more immediate needs such as food or housing. “For kindergarten, they asked for so many things,” Erika, a former client and current volunteer explains. “Wellspring was a good place to get all of the supplies we needed.”

Here at Wellspring, we...

July 14, 2014

Many parents long-aspire to motivate their children to be more philanthropic, but struggle to find opportunities for them to make a difference in their community at a young age. For Seattle mom Christina Stemley, discovering Wellspring’s Kids Helping Kids child philanthropy program (KHK) made all the difference. “I wanted to find somewhere I could volunteer while having a small child with me,” Christina explains. “Then I found Wellspring’s KHK program and I thought, this is even better, this is an opportunity for kids to help others.” 

After discovering KHK, the next difficult step was explaining to her then-five-year-old daughter Emma about the importance of getting involved. “I explained that other children don’t all have houses to live in, pets to love,...

July 3, 2014

Do you notice that your child spends less time outdoors, rarely gets together with friends, or has difficulty concentrating long enough to write a school paper? Do family members spend most of their time at home in separate rooms interacting with screens? These may be signs of digital overload.

In October 2013, the American Academy of Pediatrics released a policy statement calling on parents to limit their children’s access to electronic and digital media to no more than one or two hours per day. Only two hours a day…impossible, you say? Try these 12 steps to digital media relief:

  1. Make a plan. This may seem obvious, but most parents don’t think through how much time they want their children to use electronic media.
  2. If you live in a two-parent household, sit down with your spouse or partner and decide together on what...
July 1, 2014

With more than 90 years of dedicated volunteerism and leadership, Junior League of Seattle (JLS) has been an instrumental community advocate and nonprofit supporter. We (W) were fortunate to discuss the importance of nonprofit collaboration and the impact of JLS in our community with current JL President, Megan Isenhower (MI) to learn more.

June 24, 2014

Finding interesting ways to get high school students to perform 20 hours of community service can be difficult, but long-time Franklin High School woodshop teacher Mike Lawson found a creative way to engage his students, and support homeless children at the same time.

Mike has been involved in the woodworking trades for over 40 years and has been teaching high school shop for the past nineteen.  He has...

June 16, 2014

When the Stanford Alumni of Washington came to Wellspring a few weeks ago to volunteer as part of their annual day of service, we were thrilled. When we found out that the entire day had been organized by one of the alumnus’ eighth grade daughters, we were stunned. Meet Malaya Medrano: part of reason why the next generation of philanthropists is already making a difference in the lives of their community members.