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August 22, 2016

Peek inside Wellspring’s Early Learning Center (ELC) on the first day of school and you’ll see 50 children, 30 of whom are age 3-5. They’re preschoolers who deserve the opportunity to be successful in school and life.

More than 94% of children who have attended the ELC over the past 10 years have shown significant improvement in their cognitive, social and emotional development.Thanks to the ELC, they’ll be successful in kindergarten.

August 22, 2016

We’ve all heard the old adage: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” At the Seattle Foundation, a group of local philanthropists have come together to not simply ‘go far,’ but to ‘go deep’ in the impact they’re making for children and families. Wellspring is thrilled to...
August 19, 2016

Next time you choose between a Pepsi, Mountain Dew, Sierra Mist or Gatorade, go ahead and toast Pepsi Beverages Company (PepsiCo) of Seattle. For their consistent, generous involvement, Wellspring Family Services recently honored the local bottler and distributor as its 2016 Corporate Partner of the Year.

Since 2009, the company has helped quench the...

August 8, 2016

Meet a local church that’s redefined Christmas gift-giving for dozens of grateful Wellspring families. Back in 2001, the congregation of St. Matthew's Parish in Shoreline decided they wanted to extend their neighborhood by putting a smile on the faces of children, mothers and fathers come holiday time. St. Matthew had already...
July 25, 2016

For children and families experiencing crisis, back to school can be a difficult time of the year. In King County alone, more than 700 school-aged kids struggle with homelessness, and getting the support they need to succeed at school. With a large amount of requested school supplies and the desire to start school prepared, students in crisis...
June 21, 2016

By Lily Mak, University of Washington, Class of 2016

When I was looking for internship credits to graduate from the University of Washington this year, I wasn’t looking just anywhere to fulfill my requirements: I wanted to intern at a place where I knew that I was making a big difference in my community, where...