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Unique organizational culture. Changing employee needs.

Choosing the right employee assistance program to meet your distinct employee and organizational needs can be challenging. At Wellspring EAP, we offer an array of meaningful solutions to address your organization’s unique culture and changing employee needs.  

In addition to our standard/traditional offerings, Wellspring’s experienced advisors can collaborate with you to design and deploy innovative, highly tailored services such as: 

  • Integrated on-site counseling programs
  • Learning and development program
  • Family care programs
  • Organizational development initiatives, and specialized team resiliency programs  

Explore our traditional offerings or contact us for customized solutions.

What we offer

Standard Services

Wellspring EAP’s standard management services typically include: unlimited supervisory telephone and email consultations, program promotion, utilization reporting, job performance/last chance agreement support, supervisor assisted/mandatory referrals, benefit orientations, on-site grief and trauma support, psychological first aid, CISM, on-site management consultations, group facilitation, managing conflict in the workplace, executive and leadership coaching, seminars and workshops, DOT support, and EAP promotion support.

Supervisors also have access to a dedicated portal with employee benefits information, supervisor-specific resources, performance strategies, mandatory and supervisor referral information, downloadable promotional and educational materials, supervisor webinars, and more.

A La Carte Services

Our fee-based services may be purchased individually to complement an existing EAP package. Examples include: on-site grief and trauma support, managing policy violations or performance difficulties, supervisor consultations, group facilitation, change management, mediation, and seminars and workshops.

Enhanced EAP Services

Wellspring clients and non-clients may enhance any EAP package with the added services outlined below. 

Enhanced EAP Services

  • Employee Stability Services

    More than 1 in 10 employees faces a financial crisis that could lead to homelessness every year. Most crises are small — an unexpected expense of $2,000 or less. However, the outcome for employees can be devastating and can significantly impact job performance and retention. Beginning in September, 2021, Wellspring EAP is offering a new and innovative service to help employees faced with an unexpected and destabilizing financial crisis remain productively employed and stably housed: Wellspring Employee Stability Services.

    Wellspring Employee Stability Services is designed to reduce turnover, downtime, and trauma by helping employees address financial crises earlier. Organizations that offer this safety net to their employees will also benefit from improved recruiting across the organization. This service is designed to complement existing EAP services, whether purchased through Wellspring EAP or elsewhere.

  • Care Management

    Hands-on, high-touch care management concierge services that help reduce the burden on employee caregivers.  Through this benefit, employees have access to a national network of trusted, accredited, independent professional Care Managers who assist with assessing, planning, and coordinating care.

  • Financial Coaching

    With this personal financial mentoring and coaching benefit, every employee has the opportunity to work with a financial coach for a specific employer-funded coaching period (90, 180, or 365 days) free of charge. Employees can activate this benefit at any time during the contract year. The service includes access to a private, secure website where they can view webinars and take advantage of a deep library of financial tools, forms, videos, and tips.

  • Global EAP

    Whether for a handful of expatriate workers or an entire international division, we can provide a common global platform of exceptional employee support services. We maintain state-of-the-art global call centers in London, England; Dublin, Ireland; Raleigh, NC, US; Toronto, Canada; Lisbon, Portugal; Bangalore, India; Jakarta, Indonesia; Lille, France; and Singapore. All locations share a universal case management system and telephony.

  • Parental Leave Support

    Develop and launch a parental leave strategy; empower your workforce to successfully manage transitions around parental leave, and the communications in between. Enable them to develop strategies and design plans around your organization’s parental leave benefits, policies and culture, through training, consultation, and coaching.

  • Specialized Support Services for Parents of Children with Autism

    This benefit provides educational treatment solutions for children with autism spectrum disorders, Asperger’s, and PDD-NOS learning disabilities. A dynamic web-based platform with a comprehensive treatment program with over 1,500 video-based exercises, staff/parent/child training modules, and ongoing assessment tools—all developed by experts in the field of developmental disability education and research—accessible 24/7.

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